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THE classic

visual brand guide


Consistency is an essential part of what makes your brand credible and recognizable.

I believe in fully immersing myself in the branding process, so I reserve only two spots at a time for a client who signs up for either The Classic or The Premium. 

The Classic is for you if you already have a logo or cannot afford The Premium package, but are ready to invest in establishing a clear, cohesive visual identity that will draw consumers in, distinguish your brand from the competition, and become recognizable across online channels. 

Before a potential customer can even experience your product or service, they'll first connect with the personality of your brand. So our work together will be centered around the picture you want to paint in people's minds when they encounter your brand. 

If someone were to receive an email from you, see your Instagram, or visit your website, would they know all of those channels were part of the same brand? Would it be clear they're all connected and the voice behind them yours? All of these pieces should be linked together in order to create a cohesive and consistent image of who you are and what your community can expect from you. 

There are emotional triggers associated with certain colors, textures, and images, so we'll uncover what those are for your community to ensure you're reaching and resonating with your target audience. We'll also unpack the purpose driving your work, polish up your messaging, and throughout it all, you'll get to learn effective strategies for building a solid brand presence with limited resources. 

As part of this partnership, I will also educate you on tips and tricks for creating your own content, what trends are relevant that you should pay attention to as you build your presence online, and resources that could be helpful for other areas of your business you're struggling with that might be outside our scope.

The Classic is centered around guiding you to develop a cohesive, consistent look and feel for your brand, which will ultimately lead you to an incredible feeling of pride in the visual story you're sharing with the world.

My gifts to you with this package include a complementary collection of original photographs from yours truly, which we'll cater to the visual style of your new creative direction, as well as a complementary Instagram consultation.



  • Brand Audit to diagnose your pain points and develop creative solutions
  • 2-hour Brand Consultation to discuss your brand vision, brand personality, and the key emotional triggers among your target audience
  • Brand Strategy Exercises, developed as teaching tools for managing a cohesive brand look
  • Refined Brand Messaging so it is compelling yet succinct, and connects with the intended community
  • A customized Action Plan to lay the groundwork for our journey together



  • A custom Mood Board to serve as the reference point for your brand's new look and feel
  • A Visual Brand Guide customized for you, since we are building your brand a robust visual story
  • A Color Palette that reflects your brand's personality and your audience's key emotional triggers
  • Ongoing Creative Direction for other parts of your brand, such as a website or book or photo shoot, in order to ensure there's a clear, cohesive look that aligns with your new brand direction 
  • Your Core Visual Themes, which will keep your content consistent



  • Complementary Collection of 10 Photos
  • Complementary Instagram Consultation




Please note: The contents of this package and accompanying base price have been developed over the course of time, experience, and thoughtful refinement. I'm happy to build upon it to meet your needs, but please respect that we cannot detract from it. This is to preserve the quality and integrity of my work. If you have budget restrictions, I also offer The Intensive and The Sage. Thank you for understanding. xx



"Creating a visual story and allowing my brand to be something you could see not only helped me understand what my brand looked like, but what it truly felt like. Stef breathed life into my brand where I never thought it was possible."

– Arielle Zadok