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"My first reaction to recognizing a problem is to envision a creative solution. An example was when our developers accidentally triggered a bug (tech error) in our app, which started sending endless push notifications to our 500 something users at the time. Gulp. My immediate reaction? I grabbed my dog, my phone, and an 'on brand' towel, and headed outside. I positioned my dog in front of a neighbor’s garage, placed the towel on top of his head (poor guy), and snapped a pic. I wrote up a quick note explaining the error and how to turn off the notification, my co-founder Amy programmed the email, and we started the whole thing off with “Whoops! Cover your eyes. Mumsy has gone rogue.” Within a matter of minutes we not only had a solution, but an opportunity to demonstrate how we could transform something frustrating into something fun. The best part? Our community loved it."