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the basic


If you're not yet ready to invest in your branding, but are looking to gain clarity around a productive direction forward, I offer a one-hour video consultation. 

We'll walk through the current state of your business and address areas where you feel stuck. We'll discuss your vision and the personality of your brand, while brainstorming how you might want to communicate both visually. The objective is for you to develop a better understanding of how to create a more consistent message. 

We'll discuss what inspired you to begin this business because when you reignite your passion, your community will feel it too.

This is also a great way to get an initial consultation from me if you are considering one of the larger packages. If you do decide to continue our partnership, then we count the cost of this consultation toward the other package. 



  • Brand Audit and Consultation
  • Customized Action Plan


1 HOUR | $350

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mood board

One of the more affordable ways to work together, as we take the first step in guiding you toward a fresher, cleaner, and more cohesive look for your brand.

We'll dive into a 2-hour consultation call, during which we discuss your brand vision, your target audience, as well as the elements of your personality that will distinguish your brand voice and visuals. 

I'll take you through my Visual Storytelling Exercise I've developed

The Mood Board I custom create for you is the first step in creating a fresher, cleaner, and more cohesive look for your brand. 

Your Mood Board will be a visual roadmap with all of the images coming together to communicate your brand's overall look, feel, and tone. This is a helpful visual to reference as you create content for your social media channels, work on your website, etc. And for those days where you feel stuck or stagnant, it can help restart your creative motor.



  • 2-Hour Consultation
  • Visual Storytelling Exercise
  • Customized Action Plan
  • Custom Mood Board


2 DAYS | $500

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the classic

visual brand story

I believe in fully immersing myself in the branding process, so I reserve one spot at a time for a client who signs up for either The Classic or The Premium. 

The Classic is for you if you already have a logo or cannot afford The Premium package, but are ready to invest in establishing a clear, cohesive visual identity that will draw consumers in, distinguish your brand from the competition, and become recognizable across online channels. 

There are emotional triggers associated with certain colors, textures, and images, so we will uncover what those are for your brand to ensure you're reaching and resonating with your target audience. Before a potential customer can even experience your product or service, they'll first connect with the personality of your brand.

Consistency is an essential part of what makes your brand credible and recognizable, so The Classic is centered around guiding you to develop a cohesive, consistent look and feel for your brand.


In addition to The Intensive:

  • Brand Positioning and Messaging
  • Creative Direction
  • Visual Themes and Color Palette
  • Brand Identity Package
  • Collection of 10 Custom Photos



The Premium.jpeg

the premium

full brand design

I believe in fully immersing myself in the branding process, so I reserve one spot at a time for a client who signs up for either The Classic or The Premium.

Two of the fundamental qualities that distinguish me as a brand stylist and strategist are: my multi-dimensional offerings and my personalized approach.

Ink and Pulp is a multi-dimensional studio in that I excel at both brand design and messaging, business coaching and creative direction, content strategy and content creation. So instead of you having to outsource these services to different people, the entire branding experience is streamlined in one immersive partnership.

The Premium allows you to essentially benefit from the comprehensive advantages of an agency, minus the middlemen and overhead costs.

And my process is highly personalized in that the entire branding experience is shaped according to your personality, your brand needs, and your vision for your business. I am passionate about the work I do, and what I do is ensure you feel pride in the beautiful new identity we create for your brand.  



- Brand Audit and Consultation

- Visual Storytelling Exercise

- Customized Action Plan

- Mood Board

- Brand Positioning and Messaging

- Creative Direction

- Visual Themes and Color Palette

- Brand Identity Package

- Collection of 10 Custom Photos

- Customized Logo

- Full Style Guide

- Other Core Design Elements

- Complementary Content Strategy

- Complementary Instagram Consultation


10-12 WEEKS | STARTING AT $6000

The Sage.jpeg


1:1 creative coaching

If you're looking for ongoing support and more personal creative guidance, The Sage package is a 3-month journey of workshopping whatever parts of your brand you're struggling with. 

We meet on video conference every two weeks for three months and I share insights and actionable tools for unlocking your creativity while guiding you in restoring a sense of creative confidence to the way you lead your brand.

If you're looking to improve your photography or the way you style your photos on Instagram, I will help you develop these skills. If you're lacking focus as a multi-passionate person, I will help you optimize your priorities and alleviate that overwhelming feeling of what you think you "should" be doing. If you've never seen yourself as creative, I will work with you to tap into that innate creativity that's just currently hidden. If you feel you lack the resources to build a credible brand, I'll share some proven DIY hacks to help you get resourceful with the resources you do have.

I'm essentially here to be your brand guide, sounding board, accountability partner, and creative support as you move through your journey as an entrepreneur. 



- Brand Audit and Consultation

- 6 Sessions Scheduled over 3 Months

- Each Session is a 1-Hour Call of Creative Support, Direction, and Feedback

- Customized Action Plan


3 MONTHS | $1800

The Additions.jpeg


mix and match

- Content Strategy

Instead of exhausting your funds on advertising, I can help you be strategic in leveraging more organic ways to market your brand through content platforms like Instagram or your blog. 

Having completed one of my branding packages, I take that foundational messaging and incorporate it into an actionable content strategy in order to build brand awareness and recognition online. 

I help you set milestones for whichever social channels you decide to focus on, and lay the groundwork to build partnerships with like-minded communities, brands, and influencers. 

You'll be able to carry these tips, tricks, resources, and connections with you throughout your career. And if you decide to hire someone to manage your social media down the road or if you currently have someone on staff, you now have a blueprint and strategy in place for them and you won't miss a beat in keeping your messaging "on brand."

- Instagram Consultation

Just as we built out a visual identity for your brand, your Instagram is meant to have a look and feel that genuinely connects with and inspires your community.

One-on-one Instagram consultation. This includes the identification of visual inspiration and potential partners, a mood board custom created for you, resources and insights related to visual branding and Instagram, an outline of your content themes, development of brand voice and caption style, photo styling guidance, on-call brand mentoring, and Instagram engagement strategies. 

- Photography

I'll also produce high-quality lifestyle photos for your website and marketing materials, while simultaneously coaching you on how to produce your own images and improve your styling skills. One of the most important things to me is that you feel more expansive in your creative expression so that you can lead your brand with visual consistency and creative confidence. 

I could work with a $350 budget, which is what I typically charge for headshots. The shoot is usually 1-1.5 hours, and I offer 3 neutral backgrounds that I have picked out near Divisadero. It's very straightforward, no concepting, and I take a total of 30 shots with 15 final edits. Post production usually is somewhere around 2 hours. See page 1 of my attached sample booklet for an idea of what these headshots and backgrounds look like.



- Web Design