One of my favorite sponsored partnerships was working with Nespresso USA on their “Elevate Your Mornings” Instagram campaign.

The concept of the campaign was to showcase the morning routines of various influencers in their network, with each person sharing how they cherish the first moments of the day with Nespresso’s newly launched machine, the VertuoPlus. As a brand who has always been “a purveyor of morning moments,” this campaign was meant to show their community how to elevate their mornings with premium coffee and the ease of a sleek new machine.

As part of the content series I created for the campaign, I visually tell the story of how I start my mornings with a cup full of Nespresso, a newspaper, and early morning light. Using my trademark minimalist style, I distill the story down to an empty cup and paint-stained newspaper, illustrating how the simplicity of this routine often sparks my creativity.


"I'm not a morning person." It's something I used to say. A lot. The moon was who I'd wait up for. That creative light bulb guiding me to clarity after everyone else was sleeping. It took all these years to realize how limiting that label is. Morning may not be my peak time for productivity, but it is my time to be intentional about the day. So mornings are sacred to me now. No meetings scheduled, no email distractions. Just a moment of peace while I drink my coffee, read a book or paint. I appreciate my brand partner @nespressousa for encouraging me to celebrate my morning moments and to feel a little fancier with my adorable white VertuoPlus. I'm proud to work with them and support their sustainability practices. And I can't help but love awakening my creativity with cups of quality coffee and crema magic every morning." 



"Mornings are my blank canvas for being. Mine begin slow. And quiet. With my eyes adjusting to the light, I lay for a bit and listen... to birds welcoming the day, the soft swoosh of a passing car, the meditative breathing of my pup. As my mind is still, my senses come alive. And if you know me, you know I love my ☕️. I learned from @nespressousa that there are more than 900 aromas sealed by the delicious crema in their coffee, which might be why it's one of my favorite ways to start my day: inhaling the steam, savoring the flavor. Insert meditative exhale here. I always say it's the simple pleasures we allow ourselves that make all the difference in a day." 


I couldn't get George Clooney to appear in my shoot, so I brought on my other favorite silver fox.