MEET the BRAINS behind the brand

Stef Etow, founder and visual strategist of Ink and Pulp

Be a rainbow in somebody else’s cloud.
— Maya Angelou

It's an odd thing, writing an About page for yourself.

I guess I could say hello, my name is Stef, and this is the website I designed for the creative calling I am answering. It's a brief glimpse into the way I think, the images I create, and the colors that inspire me. 

I'm often introduced as a visual storyteller. It seems fitting since I believe in helping people unlock their inner creativity in order to share their purpose with the world. And most often that process comes to life visually. Though I have a love for words too.

One of my first thoughts when writing this page was that I wanted to start it off with a quote. While I've shared some sage advice in my lifetime, there are far more brilliant voices that have shaped words into timeless wisdom. But finding someone else's thoughts to sum up my own proved more difficult than I expected.

My first instinct was to consult Adam Grant's Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World, for what could be more descriptive of me and what I do than the very narrative of forgoing convention?

I even stumbled across a great Douglas Adams quote I'd saved. He talks about how we might not go where we intended, but we often end up where we needed to be.

It still felt like something was missing and I realized this was because the heart of my work is centered around women. I was missing a strong woman's voice.

Louisa May Alcott gave me a beautiful line for the essence of an entrepreneur's courage: "I’m not afraid of storms, for I’m learning how to sail my ship." So wonderfully put, so very true. But despite the purpose of this page, my work is never just about me. It's about us.

And then I remembered it. Among the countless quotes I've collected and scribbled into my journals, this one from Maya Angelou says it all:

"Be a rainbow in somebody else's cloud."

We all have clouds in our lives. Social media often perpetuates these clouds with the ongoing fear of missing out, the perfected presentation of success, and the destructive course of comparison and self-doubt.

My calling is to be a rainbow. I work alongside incredibly gifted women as friends, collaborators, students, and partners, while guiding them in recognizing that what they bring into the world is their own unique story. What they have within them is undeniable creativity. 

Sometimes all we need to know is that we're not alone. For what greater gift to give than the one we were born to give each other: community.





A few funky facts.


My background.

As both a Brand Consultant and Art Director, I partner with brands to create a cohesive visual story that distinguishes their voice and messaging. 

My visual branding expertise is rooted in my experience building and growing two creative businesses, working on social media campaigns for influential brands, as well as years of leading successful content marketing strategies and community-focused initiatives across the media and arts industry. My practice has also been cultivated by a fair amount of natural instinct, creative insight, and an intuitive understand of people.

One of the things I love most about my work is helping purpose-driven professionals activate their creative confidence. My philosophy is that taking the time to nurture genuine relationships is one of the most fulfilling practices as a human. 

I earned a BA in Art History from Notre Dame, and an MA from the University of Chicago, where I examined various forms of public art and their impact on the way people engage with each other and with their everyday urban spaces. 

If I could sum up my style in a few words it would be this: creativity inspired by simplicity.


Meaningful words from women who matter.


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