kimpton hotels & restaurants

art direction + INSTAGRAM STRATEGY 


Kimpton wanted to expand their reach to more millennial travelers and amplify their Instagram and Facebook engagement. I was brought on board as the Art Director and Instagram Consultant for a series of promotional videos produced over the course of a year. I worked with award-winning video ad agency Quirk Creative and the brand team at Kimpton to develop this original content.

For one of the productions, we showcased three of Kimpton’s new hotel openings through stop motion animated videos. I styled three different flat lays to personify each of the hotels, targeting their demographic of 25-45 year olds looking for a hotel experience that is unique, stylish, and fun. 

Combining the Kimpton essence with a fashion forward yet personable undertone, I curated each flat lay to represent the sensibilities and style of each hotel and their respective persona. We then animated the flat lays using stop motion animation. The final clip of each video transporting the viewer into the respective hotel, which we superimposed onto the blank photo print in each image. 


The Journeyman

The persona for The Journeyman (Milwaukee, WI) is a male in his mid-30s, who was born and raised outside Milwaukee. He returns frequently to visit family and friends – and to enjoy his favorite local vices. Loves the big city, but misses the simplicity and warmth of his home town.

Mason & Rook


The persona for Mason & Rook (Washington, DC) is a male professional in his late-30s. He’s career-driven and style conscious. He is also well traveled, socially connected, self confident, and values a high quality lifestyle.

The Cardinal


The persona for The Cardinal (Winston-Salem, NC) is a female in her late-20s. She loves sailing, riding, having an afternoon cocktail with friends, and is a pillar of her community and consummate host. In short, a Southern belle with a edge.

Mason & Rook Video