kimpton hotels & restaurants

art direction + INSTAGRAM STRATEGY


Kimpton wanted to expand their reach to more millennial travelers and amplify their Instagram and Facebook engagement. I was brought on board as the Art Director and Instagram Consultant of a series of promotional videos produced over the course of a year, and worked with the agency Quirk Creative and the brand team at Kimpton to develop this original content.

One of the many things Kimpton is celebrate for is its uniquely welcoming experience for all guests, including four-legged ones. Most travelers wish they could bring their pets along with them on their travels, so we produced this video to capture the delight Kimpton guests experience when they find out that they can. 

Using a 7-second video loop, the concept was to bring the photograph of a dog to life in the lobby of a Kimpton hotel. For the location, I chose The Goodland in Santa Barbara for its chic yet cozy aesthetic, as well as the beautiful natural California lighting. I brought on my friend and fellow creative director, Audrey Ma, to star in the video along with her adorable pup, Mason. The reception to this fun project was overwhelmingly positive.