Hotel Carmel



As part of producing a content series on restorative travel, I partnered with Hotel Carmel in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California to showcase their beautifully renovated site and personable hospitality.

I created high-quality photographs for the hotel team that captured unique perspectives of the space, as well as a series of Instagram Stories highlighting the colorful dining experience at their on-site restaurant, Brophy’s Tavern. 

"A setting sun, a slight breeze. Soft voices in the courtyard and a guitar gently playing somewhere too. My heart is full and it's only the second day of my restorative road trip down the coast with my darling friend Mary. In between sips of local wine and soulful conversations with strangers, I feel enriched by these moments of rawness and depth shared with someone I both admire and adore. It's also refreshing to treat ourselves to good food and fresh air, to time unplugged and days unscheduled, and to our mini retreat at @thehotelcarmel, our cozy and charming haven of creativity. We are so often concerned with where we're supposed to be, what we should say, and what others think, when it is far often more healing just to breathe... and be."