As Lisa Bodell, CEO of futurethink, once said, “We’re so focused on productivity that thinking has become a daring act. Leaders have to create the space for thinking.”

I co-created the Fog + Sage retreat for professional women ready to press pause and recharge their creativity at a historic ranch just north of San Francisco. I built out our visual brand, designing our website and retreat materials, while also shooting all the brand photography and curating the retreat experience. Our story was featured on The Venue Report, Lead Like Her, and Quiet Traveler, among others. 

In communicating our brand story, I wanted to create a visually soothing online experience that would mirror the relaxing mood of the gathering. Through the colors, tones, and imagery, I painted a picture of how we would thoughtfully blend farm-to-table meals and workshops with space for rest and solitude. At the heart of our message was the theme of unlocking the inner creativity that's been restricted by the daily grind. 

The lavender-gray tones reflect the whimsy inspired by the "fog" of our brand persona, while the mint-gray tones embody the earthiness of the "sage." Each part of the experience I curated for our retreat participants – from their welcome packets to their dining and workshops spaces to their thoughtfully wrapped thank you gifts – was meant to inspire a warm feeling of being seen and heard, a lightness to soothe the heaviness of self-doubt and self-criticism, and a spark to carry this creativity back into their lives.

Here's a brief glimpse at various aspects of the Fog + Sage branding below.


Brand Values

comfort, quality, relaxation, creativity


Welcome Packet


Web Design


Brand Photography


Social Media assets


There is no one who truly devotes themselves to building a creative community more than Stef, and her passion is evident in everything she does.
— Madison Thompson, Retreat Participant