What is this site?  

I'm a visual brand consultant and this is my creative hub, where my photography and art direction skills meet my content marketing insight. I work with primarily female business leaders on developing their "visual story." Together we identify the ideal audience their business serves, as well as how to reach and resonate with this audience through an authentic brand voice. Through my personalized training sessions, we unpack the purpose driving their work, dive into content marketing strategies for increasing brand exposure and credibility, and eventually we produce a dynamic yet cohesive library of content to be distributed across all their channels. If you are interested in working together or would like to try out a free consultation call, email me at hello@inkandpulp.com. I'd love to see how I can help support your journey.


Describe your marketing approach in three words. 

Creativity. Clarity. Community.


Where does 'INK AND PULP' originate? 

The name is rooted in my love for pen and paper, my first tools as a young creative. It has since evolved to somewhat abstractly define what I do: I communicate meaning through word (ink) and image (pulp). As for the origin of my brand's aesthetic, here's what I told The Style Line in an interview...

"On a creative crusade in grad school, I shuffled into an art supply store, picked out paint colors that were calling my name, and came home to realize I’d uncovered a color palette that Tim Burton might envy on Easter. And that’s how Ink and Pulp was born. Sometimes you have to cover your eyes and allow that unexpected side of your personality to emerge – it often makes for the most interesting creative revelation."

Coincidentally enough, Tim Burton and I are both INFP personality types. 


What types of brands do you partner with on Instagram?  

I partner with brands that are aligned with my aesthetic and whose work I genuinely believe in supporting. More often than not, if I am promoting a brand or cause, it is because I love what they've created and/or what they stand for and am already a customer or advocate. If the post has been paid for by the brand, then there will be a sponsored post disclaimer. 

Please do not ask me to promote your product or service just because you see I have a big following. The reason why influencer marketing is successful in the first place is because it is honest, organic, and from the heart of the influencer. Odds are I will most likely turn down your request if: you are too lazy to properly address me by my name, you don't have a strategic reason for partnering beyond my number of followers, you are making requests for specific posts and I haven't even tried your product. 


Whose photography is used throughout this site?  

All photography on this site is mine, except for in The Native Creative and a few images in Press. Please be a respectable human and not redistribute without my permission.

You can find more images from my creative perspective on Instagram @inkandpulp.