death to stock

PHOTOGRAPHY + art direction


In order to create exposure for the tech startup I’d co-founded, Mumsy, I spearheaded a partnership with Death to Stock, a company that provides more compelling stock photography for artists, designers, writers, and creative businesses. 

I photographed a Mumsy-inspired pack of 11 photos that Death to Stock emailed out to their network, raising both visibility and credibility for Mumsy. Within the first couple weeks, there were 50,000 downloads of the photo pack, 2,200 views of Mumsy’s Instagram, 427 visits to Mumsy in the App Store, and 200 new followers of Mumsy’s Instagram.

The Mumsy brand aesthetic I had developed was now becoming part of influencing the online space of content marketing, and I still continue to see these photos integrated and celebrated across the internet today. If any of these images look familiar, now you know who originally created them :)

The Photo Pack



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