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Ignite your creative motor with a Mood Board.

Take the first step in moving toward a fresher, cleaner, and more cohesive look for your brand. 

We'll dive into a 2-hour consultation, during which we'll discuss your brand vision, your target audience, as well as the elements of your personality that will distinguish your brand voice and visuals. I'll also take you through some Brand Strategy Exercises I've developed as teaching tools for entrepreneurs like you.

Since I set this up as an intensive and invest all of my time and focus in putting together your Mood Board Packet after our call, the turnaround time is about 48 hours. 

Your Mood Board will be a visual roadmap with all of the images coming together to communicate your brand's overall look, feel, and tone. This is a helpful visual to reference as you build your company or project.



  • Brand Audit to diagnose your pain points and develop creative solutions

  • 2-hour Brand Consultation to discuss your brand vision, brand personality, and the key emotional triggers among your target audience

  • Brand Strategy Exercises, developed as teaching tools for managing a cohesive brand look

  • A custom Mood Board Packet to serve as a visual roadmap for your brand's new look and feel

2 DAYS | $500



“Stef infuses her work with standards of perfection that are rare in this industry and delivers art wrapped up into a visual masterpiece.”

– Dr. Gladys Ato